Can anybody
when the
times were not
hard and
money not
scarce? -
Ralph Waldo

Reno Coin Club A penny saved is a penny not lying in the street."


Tuesday, 23rd of June 7 PM (4th Tuesdays)
(New Place)
205 Nugget Ave., Sparks (next to Holiday Inn and
across Hwy 80 from Western Village)

June 23 My Favorite Coin and Bourse Bring your favorite coin to share and any coins your
ready to sell.  

July 6 7:05 PM
RCC at Aces Baseball Buy your tickets now from the Treasurer Jerry Breedlove
for only $15, under the eave in the shade. Selling fast, available at next meeting or by mail or at game.

July 28 Bicentennial Coins Rusty King

August 25 Coins and Medals for Gambling Andre Assam

September 22 Ice Cream social and a movie

October 27 Oktoberfest. Bring your German coins and medals! Laurel Hoggan

November 24 Happy Birthday NV! Rusty King
Still Available:

Silver with coin press   $65
Brass  w/seal               $10
Copper w/coin press    $10

Set of 3 for $80
30th Anniversary Medals
Postage UPS:
$5 at your risk
$11 tracked
The rest of the coins, including
copper are minted. Order now!