Can anybody
when the
times were not
hard and
money not
scarce? -
Ralph Waldo
Reno Coin Club
"a penny saved is a penny not lying in the street "

Upcoming Coin Shows

March 24-26, West’s Token Jamboree, Jackson, CA, Admit:?, Tables:?, Merle Avila, 707 585-3711, 824-
4811 pm

April 14-15,
Sacramento Coin Show,Lions Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St., Admit:$3, Tables:66, Peter
McIntosh, 916 922-8041

April 21-22
National Coin Week at the Nevada State Museum, 600 N. Carson St., Carson City. Hope the
press running, lectures and displays. 10AM-3PM, ANA is celebrating “Conflict and Courage: Money and the
Military.” Admit:$8. Kids free.

April 21-23,
Santa Clara Coin, Stamps, Collectibles Show, Santa Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great
America Parkway, Admit:$6, Tables:79, Scott Griffin, 415 601-8661  www.
Reno Coin Club  & The Nevada State Museum present
National Coin Week’s
Conflict and Courage: Money and the Military

On Friday and Saturday, April 21-22 10 AM-3:30 PM, the Reno Coin Club and
Nevada State Museum will have special celebration of National Coin Week. All
the new US coins will be available at cost. We will have presidential dollars and
national park quarters including the San Francisco mint quarters. 2017 coins will
be 50 cents for quarters and $1.25 for dollars because they are no longer
distributed to the banks by the mint. There will be a display of ancient and
obsolete US coins, WWII coins, coins of Pyrrhus, and Russian WWII
commemoratives. The coin press should be up and running. Free foreign coins
for kids (and kids at heart) along with WWII steel pennies. Admission is $8. Kids
17 and under free. Come celebrate National Coin Week at the Nevada State
Museum, 600 N. Carson Street, Carson City.
More info: David Elliott, (775) 815-8625.