Can anybody
when the
times were not
hard and
money not
scarce? -
Ralph Waldo
Reno Coin Club
"a penny saved is a penny not lying in the street "

Upcoming Coin Shows

April 22-23, National Coin Week at the Nevada State Museum, 600 N. Carson St., lectures, displays, new
coins for sale at cost. David Elliott, 775 815-8625,

      Reno Coin Club  & The Nevada State Museum
          ANA’s  National Coin Week’s “Portraits of Liberty: Icon of Freedom”
                             with Coin Exchange and Numismatic Lectures

On Friday and Saturday April 22-23 from 10AM-3PM, the Reno Coin Club and Nevada State Museum will celebrate
National Coin Week. All the new US coins will be available at cost ($1.25 for $1 and .50 for each .25). We will have
all presidential dollars and national park quarters including  Nixon, Ford, and Native American Code Talkers dollar
and first 2 park quarters of 2016 :Shawnee and Cumberland Gap National Parks. There will be a display of ancient
and obsolete US coins. Free foreign coins for kids (and kids at heart) as well as a limited number of Mercury dimes,
standing liberty quarters and walking Liberty half dollars. Afternoon lectures will include: Robert Rodriquez on “The
pattern Coins of America’s First Coin”
at 1PM both days. Rusty King on “Nevada’s 125th Anniversary Medal” at
2PM Friday and 3PM Saturday,
and David Elliott on “Portraits of Liberty” at 3PM Friday and 2PM Saturday.
Admission is $8 for adults and children under 18 are free. Nevada State Museum, 600 N.Carson Street, Carson City.
More info: David Elliott, (775) 815-8625

April 22-25, Santa Clara Coin, Stamp, Collectibles Show, SC convention center, 5001 Great America Parkway,
Admit:$6,Tables: 79 Scott Griffin, 415 601-8661

April 29-30, Sacramento Valley Coin Club Show, 4 Points Sheraton Hotel, 4900 Duckhorn Dr., Admit: $3,
Tables: 50, Bob Shanks, 916 204-5168

May 1, Vallejo Numismatic Society Coin Show, Florence Douglas Senior Center, 333 Amador, Admit: FREE,
Tables: 40+, Ed Hoffmark, 707 642-8754

May 13-15, Las Vegas Numismatic Society Coin Show, Riviera Hotel, 2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Admit:$3, CK
Shows, 888 330-5188

June 5, Sacramento Coin Show, Lion’s Gate Hotel, 3410 Westover St. (McClellan), Admit: $2, Tables: 66, P
McIntosh,916 317-9055