Can anybody
when the
times were not
hard and
money not
scarce? -
Ralph Waldo

Reno Coin Club A penny saved is a penny not lying in the street."


Tuesday, 2nd of September 7:30 PM
Carrow’s Restaurant
605 N. Wells Avenue (Wells and 6th), Reno, NV  

September: Icecream Social and Fred Holabird Ice cream and Fred! Fred will I’ve the details of a new
unpublished treasure find.

October: Happy Birthday NV.  Rusty King will present a topic on NV numismatics. He's leaning towars a
history of the coins club's medals.

November: The Curious Life of LaVere Redfield, author Jack Harpster will present his new book
(available for sale Dec. meeting).

December: Minibourse.
Available for pre-sale:
Silver w/state seal (only club
members, numbered 1-30)      
Silver                           $65
Silver with coin press   $65
Brass  w/seal               $10
Copper w/coin press    $10
  Set of 3 for $80
30th Anniversary Medals
Postage UPS:
$5 at your risk
$11 tracked
We're planning to mint the rest of
the coins, including copper at the
Coin Show in Carson City August
22-23. Thanks for your patience.